Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dog At the Door?

For those of my readers of the dog persuasion (yes, I'm sure there are some humans reading this too), I'm sure you have been in a position where you are outside and wish to come in. Since I know how to open the door, this is a simple task for me, but not all dogs know how to open the door and I can only open it from one side. I can't pull it, but I can push it open after I turn the knob. How do you let the humans know you are ready to come inside again? Do you scratch at the door, bark, cry, or perhaps jump up and down at a window? There is an easier way-with a pet doorbell, the key on your collar will activate a doggy doorbell to let your humans know that you want to rejoin them inside. As long as you have humans who know how to operate the door (all of us dogs know that some of them aren't that smart), you can be allowed in without having to go to so much trouble. Here is more information about the product.
Demon Flash Bandit (Dog At the Door)

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