Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lifeboats for Dogs

Today there was a car accident that happened on the road in which I usually travel. It wasn't a bad car accident, but there was a dog involved. The dog seemed to be okay, but let this be a lesson to the humans-when a dog is in the car, be extra careful. I know my humans are.

This brings me to my subject of the day....there is much talk on the news about the Titanic. This is because a lot of the humans may not have heard about it yet since it happened 100 years ago. I was reading an article about dogs on board the Titanic, and I had not been aware that dogs were on the voyage too. Twelve dogs were on the voyage and only 3 survived--all 3 of those were small dogs who the humans were able to keep with them. This is an outrage! Why was there not enough lifeboats for all the dogs? Humans made the lifeboat decision, and if they want to take their chances, that is okay, but dogs should have had enough lifeboats for them particularly when there were only 12 of them. I think that the person who was in charge of not having enough lifeboats should be identified, and all us dogs can visit the gravesite and lift our legs to show what we think of that decision. It is the best way us dogs can express our contempt. I hope that there are enough lifeboats for the dogs who travel on cruises now.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dogs Need Enough Lifeboats)

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