Sunday, April 22, 2012

T-Shirt Prize Announcement!

Today I have a big announcement to make--the winner of the ultra cool Demon Flash Bandit t-shirt is (howling and drum roll here) FINLEY!!!! Finley, get in touch with me at to make arrangements for me to ship you your prize. I know this is probably the most exciting news you have ever had in your life. I hope that you enjoy the shirt. I'm sorry it took a couple of days to announce it, but I had to get my lazy human to get all the names from the comments on here and the pawmail on dogster, and all us dogs know how hard it is to motivate the humans to get things done! I've said it many times, if my human didn't work free, I would fire her. She had to write down all the names on separate sheets of paper so they could be drawn out of a hat. It was very low tech, but that method has worked for years so is it okay to use it for a contest. Thanks to everyone who participated, and I might be giving another one away soon so keep watching for your chance to win!

Mother Nature has once again went nuts around here, but this dog is not complaining. It was so warm here last month that I was afraid that it would be 100 F by this month, but it is actually cool so I am very happy about that. I really think that I could easily solve this whole global warming problem by getting rid of those rotten birds who cause it, and also by replacing Mother Nature who is obviously old and senile. You would think the humans could solve such an easy problem. This is why dogs should be running the world.

Demon Flash Bandit (Mother Nature Needs to be Replaced)

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  1. Oh my dog!! This is so exciting!! Yippee for me!

    (And I know whut ya mean about your secremetary-- good help is so hard to find, especially if you're not paying them nuthin"-- BOL!!)