Friday, April 20, 2012

This Dog is Not a Teacher!

Mommy made an announcement today that really surprised me. She wants an iPad. The lady who usually chooses the least complicated cell phone and barely uses it for anything other than occasional conversations, and makes fun of the younger people for texting. She said if she has a phone, there will be no typing! What made her suddenly want an iPad? She found that the iPad has free apps that involve dogs. You can check your dog's horoscope, have a dog clean out your screen from the "inside", translate dog talk, and more. She says that she never realized just how cool apps can be until she saw the free apps that you can get with the iPad. Here is the link for those who have an iPad, and want to get them:
I'm wondering if she gets one of those padded phones, will she be able to use it or will Angel and I have to show her how? I hope not because all us dogs know how hard it is to teach the humans anything!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Is Not a Teacher!)

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