Saturday, April 7, 2012

I Am the Proud Owner of a Fur Factory

Due to the recent recession which does seem to be getting better, there are many factories that have closed their doors and are now empty. The workers who worked there in the past are no longer working at those jobs. However, I like to impart good news to my readers so I want to discuss one factory that was never slowed by the economy. That factory is my fur factory. My humans are always saying that I'm shedding a lot of fur which seems to be a common thing said among Siberian Husky owners. However, that is erroneous information. Actually, I am not shedding my fur because I happen to be a fur factory and production has been good. In fact, it has been good since I was a puppy, and it continues to flourish. Instead of complaining about it, the humans should be happy that one segment of the economy, fur production, is doing well. In fact, I plan to start selling my fur on the Internet. Who wouldn't want my fur decorating their home? I think it looks lovely on everything. Besides, a human can have a fur coat without feeling bad about harming any small animals. I think coats made with fur from our factories will be the furs of the future--and we all know how expensive the fur coats happen to be. We dogs are going to make a fortune!

Demon Flash Bandit (Fur Factory Owner)

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