Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dogs Classier Than Most Humans!

Pippa Middleton was in the car with a man who was waving a gun around who pointed it at a photographer. I'm sure all of us can understand that it is hard for Pippa having to live in the ghetto, and deal with the people from the "hood". You would think that being related to one of the royal family, that she would not have to hang out with thugs. I have a suggestion that will help the royal family look smarter and more classy--have the tabloids follow the royal dogs around. I'm sure the dogs are much more fun to follow, and they don't ever end up in the news doing anything stupid. Sure, maybe one might have an "accident" on occasion, but who says that the humans won't end up having an accident too? I think the real reason the news reporters don't follow us dogs around is that we would make the humans look bad in comparison.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dogs Classier Than Most Humans)

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