Monday, April 23, 2012

Cancer Causing Chemicals

Today's topic is serious. Some lawn chemicals have been linked to cancer in dogs which is not surprising considering that "Agent Orange", the chemicals used by the U.S. Army in Vietnam to kill the plants in the jungle have caused many health problems for the people who were exposed to them. For years afterward, many of those same chemicals were in the weed killers used on lawns. My human dad was one of those soldiers who was exposed to Agent Orange and he died 5 years ago because of the chemicals. Here is the link to the story:
My guess is that, although dogs get more exposure due to us being close to the ground and, on average, smaller than the humans; I doubt if it is good for them either.

Demon Flash Bandit (Cancer Causing Chemicals)

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  1. My folks is very careful to only use organic products on our lawn--they're better for people and pets!

    Sorry to hear about your human Dad being a victim of Agent Orange...that's just terrible.