Monday, April 2, 2012

Barney Banana: One of the Bunch

I have decided to introduce one of my cartoon pals, Barney Banana. Barney Banana used to be one of the bunch. However, he broke away from his pals; and he got his own comic book series. Barney might look like a regular banana what with his yellow peel, and his big smile, but he is not an ordinary banana. He has a regular job as a fruit basket model in art class, but when work is over, he becomes the infamous BananaMan. Whenever there is crime, whenever there is a problem, whenever there is an evil human, Barney is there to use his peel to make them fall. Today I read on the Internet that there is actually a condition known as bananaphobia in which some of the humans are afraid of bananas. After taking a good look at Barney, I don't understand how any of the humans can be afraid of him. He looks nice to me.

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