Thursday, April 5, 2012

When Chickens Attack!

I have a video to share with my readers today. Here it is:
As you can see in this video, there are 2 rabbits playing happily with each other when they are viciously attacked by 2 chickens. As a dog who does not like birds and has been warning my readers of their nastiness, I think this video says it better than words. Easter will be here in a few days, and those nasty chickens attacked the Easter Bunny's helpers. I think they are probably jealous that the rabbits made their eggs interesting by turning them into works of art. Chickens lay eggs that are white or brown and uninteresting looking. The bunnies make them beautiful. The next time you see a bird flying over who is probably planning to drop a white bird bomb on your head, remember this video and let's all get together on the eradication of birds from the planet.

Demon Flash Bandit (Friend of Bunnies)

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