Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pet Tax Deductions

Several days ago I wrote about possibly winning the mega millions lottery which I did buy a ticket for and did not win. Who would have expected that outcome? Anyway, I was writing about how I should not have to pay taxes on a winning lottery number since I'm a dog and a dog does not qualify for government benefits nor can we be declared as dependents on our humans taxes. (This is for the United States-other countries might be more progressive with dogs). Today I did see that congress is considering allowing the humans to declare the money they spend on their pets as tax deductions. I doubt that it will pass, but I think it is time for the humans and all us dogs to start a letter writing campaign. I bet the politicians haven't stopped to think that many dogs don't bother to vote so I think the humans had better step back and let us dogs be heard. Then maybe they would get our votes. There are dogs running cities, and I'm thinking about running for President. If you ask me, we dogs couldn't do any worse running things than the humans anyway. Here is more information on the subject:

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Wants to be a Tax Deduction)

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