Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dogs: Smarter Than the Humans!

Today there is an item in the news about a UFO seen over the skies of St. Petersburg, Russia. If you read the article, a Russian scientist named Sergei Smirnov of the Pulkovo Observatory stated that aliens think the people on Earth are idiots. I think he nailed it on that one. I'm a dog and I know the humans are stupid. I've watched them for years, and I often bark of it with my doggy pals. One of our favorite games to play is "Are you as stupid as a human?" So far, no dog has managed to win that game because the humans are just so much more stupid than us dogs! They don't realize that birds are evil and trying to take over the planet. They walk on their back paws instead of all fours which brings many of them to the emergency room of the hospital when they fall. Some of them don't have pets, and brace yourself, some of them don't have dogs, but they have CATS!!! What is the point of having a pet if that pet is a cat? Do you feed them so that when you are gone from home, the cat can let you know that he doesn't really care that you returned. I don't mind cats, but if I were a human, I would at least want a pet who cares that I have come home if I've got to pay for the cat's food. I could go on and on with how stupid the humans are, but all the dogs reading this know and I don't have to give details. If the humans were smart, companies would not have to put instructions on products like this one: "Warning: Fire in fireplace gets not put any part of your body in the fire". Yes, the humans do a lot of really stupid things!

For those who would like to read about the UFO over Russia, here is the link:

Demon Flash Bandit (Dogs: Smarter Than Humans)

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