Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter, and Let the Dog Sleep Late!

Today is Easter so I hope everyone has a pleasant holiday. My brother Jeff had to work so he woke me at the undogly hour of 8:30 AM. I was VERY annoyed at being awakened so early. Mommy thought telling me that some people get up for Easter church services at sunrise would make me feel better. It did not-it does show a dog how silly the humans are. Do they really think the supreme ruler of the universe gets up early? He won't if he thinks anything like Demon Flash Bandit. I would think he would be pleased if the humans let him sleep in particularly on a holiday. Humans....I'll never understand their thinking. Can't they let anyone enjoy a good night's sleep?

When you finally get up for the day, here is a game about the Easter bunny that you can play:

Demon Flash Bandit (Happy Easter to my Readers)

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