Thursday, March 15, 2012

Today I have some exciting news for my readers. This photo above is a t-shirt that I am giving away to one of my lucky blog readers. I know how exciting this is for my readers--to have a chance to show that you know the famous blogger, Demon Flash Bandit by wearing my face on a shirt! Since I enjoy making my readers smile, this is what you can do in order to enter for a chance to win this wonderful t-shirt. Whenever you post a comment on this blog, you are automatically entered to win the shirt. Since I also write a diary on and some of my readers also read my diary entries, those who want to post an entry on dogster can pawmail me their name and it will also be an entry. One lucky person will win the t-shirt on April 15 which gives everyone a month to enter. By the way, for those living in the United States, this is also something that might make income tax time a bit more enjoyable. This contest is open to citizens of the United States and Canada. Now for the boring details about the shirt. It is a men's XLarge. It is white, and it is Anvil brand. It says Demon Flash Bandit, Dog Blogger on it. I am speaking from a totally unbiased viewpoint, but I happen to think that this is the most exciting contest on the Internet.

Now it is time to talk about my blog topic for the day. The big sled dog race in Alaska, Iditarod has just occurred, and because I am a "sled dog", I find this race very exciting. I have never pulled a sled or taken part in such a contest, but a dog can dream. Today I was napping and I dreamed that I was running in the big Iditarod race. I took about 10 steps, my paws got cold, I decided I wanted to get a bite to eat so I jumped in the nearest car and drove to McDonalds where I ordered some burgers. Yes, it was a good dream. I have decided that racing in snow is not fun thanks to that dream. Besides a dog can get his paws dirty doing things like that.

Demon Flash Bandit (Now On A Shirt!)

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  1. Well Demon Flash Bandit I would like to enter for the shirt because, Monty and Missy said too.