Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Blog Contest

Happy St. Patricks Day to all my readers and may you have all the bones your heart desires! It is a very warm day here where I live which is kind of unusual for my area so my humans are enjoying it. Personally, I would prefer it be cold.

For those of you who have seen the movie, Inception, this blog reminds me of that movie. I was taking a nap yesterday, and I dreamed that I was taking a nap. In my dream, I was also taking a nap. I might add that it was a really good nap, and I woke up feeling completely refreshed--like I had a really good nap--or naps if you count the naps I was dreaming about. It is so much better than dreaming about doing stuff and waking up tired after sleeping.

Don't forget my blog contest. A t-shirt with my photo on it has to be the coolest prize ever. Be sure and enter by leaving a comment on my blog entries from Mar. 15-April 15. You can also enter by sending me a pawmail with you name on

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend and a good St. Patrick's Day!

Demon Flash Bandit (Happy St. Patrick's Day)

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