Saturday, March 10, 2012

Human Training Tip!

For the benefit of the puppies out there reading this who have not gotten your humans fully trained yet, I am going to write this blog to give you some tips. I know that, as a dog, we like to make our humans happy, but you have to be careful not to spoil them. This is one of the most important tips to remember in training the humans. A spoiled human could begin to think that they are in charge, and then they are even harder to train. For example, this morning, my human called me because she wanted me to come over so she could pet me. Sure, I find this kind of attention pleasant, but it would also involve me getting up and walking at least 5 steps. (I know this because I did the calculations while I was laying there resting.) Therefore, I did not go to her. I looked at her and let her know I appreciated her kind thoughts. However, if I had gotten up and went to her, she might have gotten the idea that she is in charge when it is me that runs this place! Eventually, I did allow her to pet me, but she had to come to me and then it was a reward for her being a good human. This is very important. Rewards should be given when the humans do something good. In this case, she walked the steps to me. Remember, you are a dog and as such, have important things to do with your time. Obviously, the humans aren't good at budgeting their time because many of them spend a lot of their time at work. From my observation, work is not fun, and most of the humans don't even like to go there. We dogs have more sense. Very few of us have to work. I suspect that is the reason dogs are happier than humans....we are smart enough to stay away from work!!! I will be offering more training hints in the future so keep reading my blog. Remember, the humans take a lot of time and patience to train, but a well trained human is a joy to have around the house.

Demon Flash Bandit (Human Trainer)

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