Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hunting For Treats

Yesterday I decided to go hunting for my own food. I do this from time to time because the things I usually find around the house are far more delightful than the food the humans give me. Sure, yesterday I had ham, and it was delicious, but sometimes a dog gets a hankering for something sweet. When this happens, it is best for a dog to forage for his own treats. As usual, I found a delicious item that the humans would not have given me had I waited for them to give me a treat. It was a Boston Creme Roll from Little Debbie made by the McKee bakery. I got myself one of these delicious treats, and I smashed it with my paw so that it would open, and I ate the cake as it oozed out of the package. I know the humans would probably eat it without being so messy, but as a dog, I happen to enjoy a mess almost as much as I enjoyed the creme roll. For those dogs who haven't tried them, they are delicious. I have no idea why they are considered human treats instead of dog treats except that I think the humans try to hog the best treats for themselves. All dogs reading this remember, if you want a delicious treat, try what the humans eat. It is always delicious!

Demon Flash Bandit (Bostom Creme Rolls are Good!)

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