Monday, March 19, 2012

My Doghouse!

I've discovered that dogs live in different doghouses so I thought it might be interesting for my readers if I talk about my doghouse. My doghouse has 3 bedrooms-one of which is a room with a computer where I write my blogs, 2 bathrooms which I think are totally unnecessary since I don't like baths. There is a kitchen where sometimes Mommy does some cooking, but Daddy told me to avoid that room as much as possible--Daddy was a master at avoiding work! There is another room which which has a television and a couch, but I'm not really sure if it has a purpose since the humans hardly ever spend any time in there. There is also an attached 2 sled garage and a basement underneath the house which the humans can't get me to enter. Angel Zoom Smokey likes it down there--she says it is cooler than the regular house. I do share my doghouse with Angel Zoom Smokey although I think she would be much happier in one of those plastic igloo type doghouses outside. There is a big deck which can also be called a porch, but my humans never seem to spend any time out there. I am such a nice dog that I do allow my humans to live in the doghouse with me. I don't think they appreciate it like they should since sometimes they act like it is their house and not mine, but I know better. I think that I am doing very well for a dog since many dogs have small houses in the yard and let the humans live in the big house. Those dogs need to have better trained humans. Their humans actually think they own the doghouse when clearly, they do not. I hope everyone is having a good week and don't forget my X Large t-shirt with my photo on it. Enter from March 15 to April 15 by leaving a comment on one of the blogs dated during the time period or pawmail me on to be entered!

Demon Flash Bandit (Doghouse Owner)


  1. Hey.,nice post...

    Maybe your dad is just thinking of your safety that's why he wants you to avoid that place...accident may happen..

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  2. I think since the place your dad wants you to avoid is the kitchen, means he is trying to save all the food for him...I say invade the kitchen!
    Woof Woof, The Morris Pack
    P.S. We would like to enter your contest for our Momma cause she does so much for us and she loves Tshirts with dogs on them and this wouldnt be just any dog it would be you!

  3. Big Dog, you are always thinking. You are a smart dog. I never realized I have a dog house too. Mine has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, like yours. And of course, it is mine. I allow the others to stay here. They should pay me rent.
    I sure would love to enter the contest and maybe win a t-shirt with your handsome face on it.
    Your pal,