Monday, March 12, 2012

Libby Should Not Be Disqualified for Pooping in Agility

Today's blog topic is about a dog named Libby who was entered into the agility competition at Cruft 2012. Libby was doing very well at agility until nature called and she had to poop, which disqualified her from winning the competition. I personally do not think this is fair. She was running the agility course doing a great job, and from what I see on the video, she pooped nicely without taking a lot of extra time so she could get back to agility. I thought she did an outstanding job. She didn't spend a lot of time deciding where to go, etc.; but got right down to it and took care of business. I think the humans should be more understanding. I'm sure when the humans are running agility that sometimes they stop and poop in the middle of the course. If they don't, maybe they should. Perhaps that could explain why some of them are always in such bad moods. Besides, I thought the video was hilarious, and I know my humans did too because I heard them laughing when they watched it. If you ask me, I think Libby provided more entertainment by pooping than all the other dogs running agility. In fact, from the laughter around here, I think Libby should give up agility altogether and consider a career in comedy. Libby-the stand up dog comic--that would be far more unusual than running agility. A lot of dogs do that. I think Triumph the Insult Dog is the only dog who does stand up comedy. Here is the video so you can see it for yourself. Be prepared to be entertained!

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Funny Dog)

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