Saturday, March 24, 2012

Modern Farming

Is it time for another blog already? These blogs are really eating into a dog's nap time. Today I am going to cover a serious topic since a dog sometimes has to use a blog to educate the humans. Today I am going to discuss farming, which is a good profession to hold because I have yet to meet a dog who doesn't like to eat. However, I have no idea why the farmers are always planting vegetables, of which I (and most other dogs) are not overly fond. Why not plant things we like? For example, dogs enjoy meat such as: chicken, steak, and hamburgers. Since these items cost more, you would think that the humans, even with their limited ability to understand complicated concepts would realize that it is smarter to plant the more expensive items like meat. If they planted meat, then perhaps they could dig a drive thru in the garden so they could just drive up and get the meat they want instead of having to harvest the crops the way they do now. This method of harvesting would make farming much easier. In fact, this is one reason that virtual farming is so much more popular than actual farming....the Internet makes it easier. I hope farmers will eventually learn to do things the easy way as I have suggested. It is a shame they have to work so hard now, and all they get is stupid vegetables!

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Farming)


  1. Okay so we don't mind vegetables but, we agree they need to farm meat instead. Mostly because, if farmers do that then allergies shouldn't be an issue. Everyone knows that humans and us fellow dogs have allergy problems so farming meat would prevent that.

    Good thinking Demon Flash Bandit.

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