Tuesday, March 13, 2012

United Airlines Bans Some Dog Breeds

United Airlines has a list of dog breeds that are no longer allowed to fly in their airplanes. It is sad to see this discrimination against dogs. When will it end? I can foresee that in the near future, since they are banning some dogs from flights, they will be firing flight attendents who are from those banned breeds. Let's take the case of Julie, a Pit Bull who has been a flight attendent for the past 8 years. Julie takes her job very seriously and is a credit to her wings, but you know that United will not want a Pit Bull to be a flight attendent if they won't let a Pit Bull be a passenger. When will it end? Will all of the banned breed dog pilots also be grounded. Will they allow the ground crew to continue if they are part of a banned breed of dog. I don't think this is fair, and I hope the government will get involved and let United know that they aren't allowed to discriminate against dogs like that. My guess is that United will change its mind when the first dog sues for discrimination, and I think the dog will have a good case. Let's hope it costs United a lot! I am going to include the address so you can read about it for yourself.

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing United Airlines Dog Policy)

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  1. We agree, no dog should be banned, just like they dont plan on banning people..or do they. I guess they will list breeds on the do not fly list next. Humans are stupid!
    Woof woof, The Morris Pack