Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Ancient Egyptian Pal, Gahiji

Hello to my readers, and I hope all of you are enjoying a pleasant Sunday which for some reason makes me think of a song performed by the Monkees--Another Pleasant Valley Sunday. I wonder why I would connect the two. I suppose it is another example of my brilliant thinking.

As my readers from are already aware, I have a collection of ancient blogs by early dogs. One of my favorites is Gahiji, an ancient Egyptian dog. I found Gahiji's blog at a garage sale, which is where I find most of my ancient antiquities. Today I will share one of Gahiji's blogs with you.

It is another super hot day here in ancient Egypt. It is almost time for Habibah, my human to come home from work. Habibah works for the Pharaoh building a Pyramid. He spends much of his time at work and at home complaining about his job. He should have listened to his mother and went to college, but Habibah wasn't exactly the smartest guy to graduate from ancient Egyptian High School. We are best friends, and he likes to spend all the time he can with me, but that isn't always as much as both of us would like. After work, Habibah has been attending union organizing meetings. I hope the union is successful because Habibah could use some job security. Don't get me wrong--Habibah does okay work, but if the Pharaoh should find him writing some of the graffiti on the Pyramids, there is going to be trouble. Yesterday, he wrote: The Mummy Needs to Get a Life---yes he is hilarious, and if you didn't notice, I am being sarcastic. I just know if he gets caught, the Pharaoh will fire him or have him beheaded--whichever is worse. I'm hoping we will go and visit his mother this weekend. He has some laundry for her to do because that is women's work. Men have more important things to do--like the contest down at the local bar to see which of the humans can burp the loudest. Do I smell a trophy for Habibah coming on? I know Habibah might not be the most intelligent guy in the world, but he does have his talents and loud burping is one of them.

I hope all my readers are having a good weekend.

Demon Flash Bandit (Sharing the Words of my Pal Gahiji)

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  1. Did woo get to walk like an Egyptian today?