Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The First Cave Man Fad

Yesterday, my humans went to see the movie Despicable Me. Both humans said it was an enjoyable movie. I would be able to leave a movie review myself, if DOGS WERE ALLOWED IN THEATRES. However, complaining about the constant discrimination against us dogs is a waste of time so I will move onto today's blog topic which is: why do humans walk on only 2 paws? This has been a subject of interest with doggy philosophers since Grog, an early caveman, decided to walk on his back paws instead of all fours. Grog clearly was not one of the smartest cave men in the tribe, yet when he started walking on his back paws, all the other humans had to copy his walk to the point where it became a fad. In fact, it was the first fad the humans ever dealt with. The Caveman General Store was selling recordings of "Walk Like Grog" which was a big hit for its time earning the group that made it a gold stick which eventually went white (platinum had also not been invented at that time). The group that recorded "Walk Like Grog" was the Three Seasons. This was shortly after the Ice Age so the fourth season had not been invented yet, but one day summer would eventually be recognized as an official season as soon as it got warm enough to be hot for an entire season. This was when marketing was first recognized as a profession. The advertising agency, Ugh, Bug, and Rur was formed, an agency that is still in business today and handles all the top companies including Rock City. Rock City is an attraction that is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee-the attraction with the largest collection of Bird Houses in the world. Back to the Grog fad story: The General Store could not keep up with all the business and had to hire more employees. The "Walk Like Grog" tshirts were bought as quickly as the new invention, the wheel, could bring them in. It would have been helpful if they have actually used a couple of wheels and had them bring a wagon, but the wheel could only transport 6 tshirts at a time which were hung on the wheel's spokes. When asked why they used a wheel when a caveman could have carried more shirts without the wheel, the manager answered, "this store uses the latest inventions whether it makes sense or not". NOTE FROM DEMON: I guess some things never change. Anyway, the Grog fad has allowed archaeologists to find some of the earliest collector toys. The Grog action figures have taken the collector world by storm as have the Grog bobble heads. That box of cereal with Grog on the cover sold at auction for 10 million dollars as one of the oldest examples of advertising art ever found. The Grog bowls and glasses are one of the hottest items in the collectible market---all because Grog decided to walk on his back 2 paws. Sadly, Grog did not live long after that. He was walking a little too close to a cliff, and you know how much more likely accidents are if you are walking on only 2 paws......

By the way, I was a dogster.com diary pick today. I will be available from 5:00 to 6:00 pm today for pawtographs. I would do it longer, but a dog has to have some time for a nap.

Demon Flash Bandit (Story of Grog)

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