Thursday, July 22, 2010

Virtual Farming Is Easier than Real Life Farming

Today I saw in the news an article about Farmville, and why is is popular. Does it take a dog to answer that question? Farmville is more popular than actual farming because virtual farming is a lot easier than regular farming. For example, even if you don't bother to fence in the animals, they will still be there when you leave for a day or so. It is far more comfortable to sit in front of a computer and "plant" and "harvest' fields rather than going out when it is hot and having to operate a plough or a harvester. Even feeding the animals is easier. In real life, sometimes it takes up a lot of time and isn't a particularly fun process. Even the humans, know real farming is hard work and not much fun, and all us dogs know how silly the humans can be. Given a choice between going outside to "farm" and staying inside to play Farmville, it is no contest. Farmville will win.. Don't forget to leave a comment to enter my contest for the dvd of White Fang. Thanks for reading my blog.

Demon Flash Bandit


  1. I've managed to keep my mom away from FV -

    Of khourse, that's bekhause I insist we farm the blogs instead!


  2. Mommy plays Farmtown, and she used to play Farmville, but Farmville is always giving trouble so she seldom plays it. You are wise to keep your Mommy from the silly games. The humans waste too much time with them.