Saturday, July 17, 2010

Music Dogs Enjoy

Today I was thinking about how much I like music. I know how to turn the radio on in the car, and how to switch stations, and I personally love the music of that great group, Alvin and the Chipmunks. I decided to check the Internet to see if there happened to be music designed exclusively for us dogs. There is a site, which has music that is supposed to calm dogs while the humans are gone. It seems to be mostly classical music, and since some of the humans aren't fond of the genre, this dog is assuming that the reason we listen to it while they are gone is so the humans won't have to listen to it. My oldest brother used to love classical music, but I think he might be an exception among many of the young humans. The site does offer free music to shelters and qualified rescues so this dog thinks that is very nice of them. If a dog doesn't have a home, maybe the music will make him feel a little better. Another CD by Bradley Joseph is: Music Pets Love: While You Are Gone. You can listen to this on YouTube, but I fail to see how it would make me feel better while the humans are gone. It starts with singing birds......yeah, you heard me.....birds singing. Some of us are not fans of birds so they definitely did not ask me my opinion of this music. The only thing I want to hear from a bird is his last words before I put him on the grill. Birds are evil and steal a dog's snow and cause global warming. They are on a mission to take over the world. How many times do I have to try to warn the humans about the evil birds? Do they listen? No, they make a CD with birds' singing to annoy a dog. I like regular music. I am fond of the Beatles, and I don't need any "special" dog music. I will stick with what my humans listen to and the aforementioned Chipmunks. Other dogs might like the "bird" music, but this dog has standards, and I don't listen to birds--except to hear their latest plans for world domination. You would think the humans would realize that dogs, like humans have varying taste, and it would be nice if they would ask us what we like instead of assuming. I am quite capable of answering these questions and I occasionally speak the other day when I was hungry and I said, more food. I've found with the humans, a dog has to be specific. They aren't the smartest species on the planet, but at least they are smarter than cats. I've got to go now and pick out some Cds for the humans to play for me. I think I'll get my favorite one where the dogs bark the Beatles. I personally think it is an improvement--no offense to John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

Demon Flash Bandit (I'll Choose My Own Music)

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