Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm Doing My Part to Help Great Britain

I was watching an older segment of The Daily Show called "The Crumpets Take Manhattan" (which can be seen on their website which aired July 7,2010). This video is covering the recent visit of the Queen of England to New York City. The recession has actually affected the Queen since she has had to cut back her spending 7%, which according to the video, costs the average tax payer in her country under $1.00 so she is saving the average tax payer 7 cents. Jon Stewart suggested we buy the Queen and let her do odd jobs here in the United States, and then it went on to show a photo of her on a riding mower and then another with her dressed as a hot dog working as a hot dog vendor. I want to go on record stating that the grass in my yard needs mowing and I am willing to pay the Queen of England $25.00 to do it, and she can do it on my John Deere mower. Yes, she doesn't even have to push a mower, she can ride around cutting the grass in style. If she is willing to change the oil, there will be even more money in it for her. With a few odd jobs like this, she can help make up for the $4,000,000+ that she has had to cut back on. I know some of you might be saying, there are a lot of yards she could cut for people, but this yard has the advantage of the Queen of England getting to meet me, Demon Flash Bandit. I know she likes dogs since she has dogs, and saves them bits of meat from her plate. If she does enough odd jobs, perhaps she could afford to get her dogs some Burger King, and not have to feed them scraps.

I have to add that seeing her in the hot dog outfit was wonderful since Angel Zoom Smokey has a photo of herself posted on wearing her hot dog costume for her first Halloween. Mommy bought it when it was put onto the store shelves (which was probably July), and by the time Halloween came, she had grown so much, it became her hot dog butt costume. I happen to think she looks adorable in it. However, Angel Zoom Smokey says that it was humiliating. Now there is no way she can hold that costume against my humans since the Queen of England was shown in a hot dog suit too. If it is good enough for the Queen of England, it should be good enough for a dog.

Queen Elizabeth, if you leave a comment telling me when you will arrive to do the mowing, I will be sure and have the cash waiting for you. If you can do it in the next week, I'll even take you to Burger King for a "royal" meal. I will also have some cold cokes waiting for you when the job is done. By the way, I will give you a photo of myself with my paw print on it. You can hang it on your wall and remember the happy day when you met me!

Demon Flash Bandit (Hiring The Queen to Mow My Yard)

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  1. When she's done, woo khan send her here!

    We don't have a Deere - will a Kubota do?