Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Have Not Received an Answer from the Queen of England!

Yesterday I wrote a blog and offered to pay the Queen of England $25.00 to mow my yard. I am assuming that my blog has to be something that the Queen has to read everyday. I know I would read it if I were her. Anyway, I asked her to make a comment so that I would know when she was coming, and have the cash ready for her. By the way, Queen Lady, the grass is not getting any shorter while you are hanging around the castle doing royal stuff. I would hate to see you miss the chance to meet me, Demon Flash Bandit, and get that photo of me with my pawtograph that you can hang in your castle to remember our meeting. However, I do realize that maybe mowing the yard might not be considered something a royal should be allowed to do. Perhaps working a couple of days at Burger King are more to your liking. I can understand that since their burgers are fit for royalty. Let me know when you are planning on being at my local BK so I can come through drive-thru and place my order. Imagine how impressed Parliament will be to find out that you actually cooked Demon Flash Bandit's burgers. Good day to you Queen, and be sure and let me know--will you mow my yard or are you working at Burger King?

Demon Flash Bandit (Royal Questions)


  1. It has been too hot fur any humans to mow our grass -

    I know The Khween is big into those Corgi dogs - beFUR long, the grass will be taller than they are!


  2. Demon says: YOu would think the Queen would be excited to earn some extra money what with having to cut back $4,000,000 a year on household expenses. That means they are having to make do on only around $36,000,000 a year. Pawhaps they are going to have to start asking for donations.