Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hamster Clothing Anyone?????

Some commercials really stand out, and today this dog is going to discuss one which I found very funny. It is the hamster "rappers" who do the ad for the Kia Soul. I love the hamsters in that commercial. I have to tell you that, at first, I did not realize it was a car commercial because I thought it was a commercial for a new line of hamster clothing. The humans are dressing dogs and even cats so it seems quite logical that hamsters would be the next to get the attention of the fashion police. However, there is no new line of hamster clothing--YET. For any hamster reading this, don't relax too much-=--you never know what the humans will think about next. The hamsters in the commercial compare the Kia to a toaster, a washing machine, and a box--all "vehicles" being driven by other hamsters. Personally, this dog would prefer to drive the toaster, the washing machine, or the box. The car isn't what I consider a pretty car, and I swear I think the box was bigger. To be fair, it was a big box--like a refrigerator box so that could explain why it looked so much bigger. It wasn't like it a shoe box. The great thing about this commercial is that if it doesn't cause car sales to increase, it should at least boost the sales of toasters and washing machines. Perhaps those companies should ask to buy the ad. It would also be great for a company who wants to come out with a new line of hamster clothing. I know a few cats who enjoyed the commercial--they were literally drooling. One of them told me that it could also be a good ad for cat food. What cat can resist eating a hamster?

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing a Commercial)

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