Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Need a Demonmobile

Batman had his Batmobile and the Monkees had their Monkeemobile. Even hot dogs have the Weinermobile. This dog wants his own car. I can call it the Demonmobile. There is a car named a Demon, but if that were to be "my car", it would have to be modified to be my own personal car. It would have to be red--or blue to match my blue eyes---maybe a blue car with red flames. Yes, that would be a cool Demonmobile. I would prefer a limo type car because those limos have lots of room in the back complete with refrigerators and stuff so that a dog can travel with a lot of tasty food and treats. I would insist on a milkshake machine in the car. A dog does get in the mood for a nice cold drink and what better cold drink than a milkshake? By the way, if you haven't tried an Oreo milkshake from Burger King, you are missing a small bit of heaven right here on Earth. The humans only allow me a taste--but in my Demonmobile, I will have all the Oreo shakes a dog can eat or drink--whatever as long as they end up in my tummy.

My Demonmobile will have personalized license tags with something cool on them like "Demon1" or "DemonFlashBandit--SuperDog". I think the latter one might be a bit long for most licenses. Perhaps I could just go with "Handsomedog" I'll work out the details of the license plate later. I'm sure the state will let me do whatever I want. This dog thinks that most states just have license tags so that they can charge the humans more money. The humans aren't smart enough to see through their gimmick, but I'm a dog so I can see how it really is. You can fool the humans most of the time, but you can never fool the dog.

I think it would be super cool for me to ride around in my Demonmobile and enjoy the scenery as we go by. I could travel to Alaska and enjoy the nice weather there. Summer here in Michigan is such an annoying time--we don't even get any snow then. Sure, the humans are happy about that but what do they know about good weather?

I could enter my Demonmobile in car shows and have all sorts of fun. When there is a parade, my car could be in the parade. Yes, I think having your own special car is something a dog needs. I have to go now. I have to do a bit of research as to what kind of car could be modified to fit my needs.

Demon Flash Bandit (Thinking of My Dream Car)


  1. Woos Demon! I would like to ride in your car, as I love going fur rides. I do not however driving, so please get us a chauffeur. As to moving to Florida, I have 2 words... Air Conditioning!
    ( also no walkies during the day, pool fur swimming, cool tile fur sleeping...)
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful
    Pee Ess Woo-
    Mom is more than willing to give advice to woo Mom on moving here, so if she wants to ask anything, email Mom through her art blog

  2. Thanks. I'm sure Mommy will write your MOmmy. I think the whole idea of moving to Florida is stupid. MI usually has such nice winters--my opinion, not Mommy's.LOL We don't see eye to eye on the weather at all.