Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dogs Playing Poker--World's Best Paintings

Humans like to hang art on the walls of their houses. The really lucky ones who have gazillions of dollars can hang the best paintings of all time in their homes. These paintings are a series of paintings done by the artist, C. M. Coolidge. Collidge did the dogs playing poker paintings which are among the greatest paintings of all time. I'm sure that many museums would love to get their paws on these original paintings, but cannot afford them so they get stuck with paintings from less important artists like Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Vincent Van Gogh, Monet, etc. You know the curator at those museums would like to get his or her paws on the poker playing dogs. One museum even had a fundraiser to get enough money to buy one, but the Cow Pie Contest they had planned to raise the money did not turn out to be very popular with the humans. I have no idea why. It sounded like a winner to me. Anyway, one day I hope to make enough money writing my blog so that I can buy one of these paintings to hang in the bedroom I share with my human. I know there are reproductions, but this dog deserves the best. When I have my doggy pals over, I don't want them to see a "reproduction" of the painting. I want them to see the real thing. I already have movie posters from Snow Dogs (both the movie and dvd posters) and Eight Below hanging in my room so the poker playing dogs would make a great addition to my art collection. I also have a collection of fur in my room. Mommy has had the nerve to throw it away from time to time, but I just shed some new fur for my collection. That is one advantage to being a Siberian Husky--we have a lot of fur to shed.

I hope all my pals are having a nice weekend, and do yourself a favor--start saving money to get a Poker Playing Dogs Painting. That way, everyone who comes to you home will know that you have impeccable taste.

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Art)


  1. I'll be sure to paw woo when I have my next pawty!


  2. We concur that Dogs Playing Poker (that was fun to type) is one of the greatest paintings ever.

    If the artist had just put in a Siberian playng (and winning) you would probably have a bidding war on your paws.

    Remy and Flash