Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Opinion of the Weather

It is another hot day here in lower Michigan. I bet it might even be hot in the upper peninsula of Michigan. It might have even hit 50 degrees F up there. The humans probably took off their winter coats, put on their sweaters, and are wondering why the weather is so much different for the past couple of days. That fact brings me to the question, why do I not live up there? Anyway, my blog today, like yesterday, is about the heat. I have a story to share with you about the heat, and how it is effecting everyone here. I saw a dog's poop get up and walk around the yard trying to find a cooler spot. Yes, folks, it is too hot for a dog's poop to want to be in the sun. I know some of you might say I'm exaggerating, but I am not. The best thing about the poop was that it finally found a bird bath to jump into and now the evil birds have a special surprise waiting for them when they come to get a drink or a bath. Yes, this dog is laughing my tail off just waiting to see the bird's expression when he sees what is in his bird bath. By the way, I do have my camera ready so I can get a photo of the bird's face to share with other dogs. When a dog has to go outside, it is ridiculous--all the trees and shrubs are begging you to pee on them. Who could blame them It isn't like most trees can walk around and get out of the heat--only those lucky trees like the ones in Lord of the Rings can do that sort of thing. To be fair, it is worse for the trees and shrubs because some of the dogs I know said that if they have to go outside for more than 3 minutes, they will water themselves. I can see their point. For some stupid reason, the government has never seen fit to put a dome over the country and air condition the entire country as I have suggested so many times in the past. You would think they would listen to a dog! Anyway, I have to hurry and finish writing this. I overheard the computer saying that it was getting tired of the heat, and that the air conditioner needs to work better. Anyway, it said it was going to go and take a shower to cool off. I am not a computer geek, but I don't think computers are supposed to get wet.

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing the Weather)


  1. As it nears 100 again today, I know your pain and then some -

    Walk time last night was after 9pm when it finally dipped below 85 degrees -

    Both Mom and I are smiling about your poop image!


  2. Woos!It is hotter up there than down south here , only here everything is air conditioned except fur my backyard, which I refuse to go out in until it gets cooler out...I hope the birdies do not retaliate

    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  3. Hi Donna...Yep, it's HOT here in Michigan! Thanks for visiting my blog!