Monday, July 5, 2010

A Special Invitation for Demon Flash Bandit

I don't want to brag, but sometimes a dog gets excited about events in his life and has to share them with others--not because I want to make others feel bad, but because a dog wants to share his happiness with his pals. Imagine just how excited I am that I, Demon Flash Bandit, have been invited to join Sam's Club! Yes, a highly sought after invitation to Sam'a Club is mine. I don't know what I did in the past to which to attribute this astonishing piece of good luck. Was it because I ran for President in the last election? Did the Burger King recommend me for membership? Was it because I look so much like Demon from the movie Snow Dogs? Is it because of some of my brilliant inventions--like the satellite ears for Mickey Mouse hats that let a dog pick up free satellite television? Was it because I write such a fantastic blog that so many people enjoy--or would enjoy if they knew about it? Is it because I peed on so many trees and shrubs that they got in touch with Sam and asked him to give me an honor because they like me so much? Does Sam go to, and has he noticed me when I was a daily diary pick? Did my pal, Bo Obama recommend me for this honor? Did Angel Zoom Smokey tell Sam that she will give him some puppy slaps of justice if he doesn't invite the two of us to join? I suppose it really doesn't matter why since there are so many reasons that I could have been invited that a dog would have a hard time choosing the exact reason I was chosen. The important thing is that I was chosen. Sam sent me an invitation and once I'm a member, I can shop at any of Sam's stores, and get huge discounts on the merchandise. I have the website opened now so that I can check and see what I would like to buy. It does mention something about a membership fee, but I am sure that they would be willing to waive that fee in order to get me to join--that fee is for the regular members, and I'm sure I would be a VVID (Very, Very Important Dog) member. After all, I am Demon Flash Bandit, Siberian Husky. I look forward to seeing other members when I'm out shopping. Where do they keep the Yummy Chummies?

Demon Flash Bandit (Very Important Dog)


  1. Hold out fur a BJ's or Costco membership -

    Sam's is part of T.E.E.

    Stay Khool!


  2. Demon Flash BAndit here: You have a point about Costco--which happens to be closer to me anyway, but they haven't invited a dog to join and it isn't a club where a dog can have fun. Isn't Sam's Club a group where you can get together and have fun shopping? Mommy says it isn't, but I think she is just trying to keep the Deemster from having fun.