Friday, July 9, 2010

Dressing as a Cow

I have some exciting news to share with my readers. Today (Friday, July 9)is Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A restaurants, and if you dress as a cow, you get a free entree, side dish, and beverage. Remember, you have to dress entirely as a cow to get this special. If you only dress partially as a cow, you only get a free entree. Normally, this dog does not wear a costume, but for a free meal, I think I could make an exception. This restaurant knows how to inspire a dog to dress for a meal. Of course, there are none of these restaurants in my area, so I won't be dressing for the occasion, but if there were one near me, you can bet your tail I would be heading for the restaurant looking so much like a cow that Elsie would want to date me. Okay, since I am a male dog, I would have to dress as a bull, but since bulls are essentially part of the "cow" family, I think I would still get a free meal if I dressed as one. Besides, if they said I didn't qualify, they would know how a gored matador feels--this dog does not have any patience with not getting a free meal if I have went to the trouble to dress up for the meal.

There was a movie years ago, Top Secret, (starring Val Kilmer) where the humans dressed as cows. I thought it was silly when I saw it, but now I realize that they were just trying to get a free meal at Chick-fil-A. If you happen to see some cows when you are out today, you know it is just someone wanting a free meal. If they are dressed as a chicken, either they are insane or they are giving out expired coupons which will lead to a big fight which never completely ends--this has been covered in the television show, Family Guy.

Demon Flash Bandit (Why No Chick-fil-A in My Town?)

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