Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Want The Weather To Get Cooler

It was hot yesterday. It is supposed to be hot today. I don't like hot. Therefore, when I was checking the news today and saw Celine Dion's back yard water park, I decided that a water park in my back yard would be a really cool thing to have. Of course, I don't need such a large water park nor do I need the slides. This dog would be quite happy with a much smaller water park. As I mentioned in a previous entry, I have been digging a spot for an in ground pool as a favor to my humans. They always appreciate a dog's efforts to improve the place, but seeing that water park made me realize that this dog is far more practical than the humans. I would enjoy a pool in the summer, but leaving the water in and letting it turn to ice would provide a sled dog hours of winter fun too. The humans never seem to understand that. Why would you let a pool just sit there useless because the temperature is 40 below 0 (F)? I think I would enjoy it more in winter than summer. I really love cold weather. However, with this stupid heat, a dog can use something to cool off. Thank dog the humans (or a smart dog who the humans stole credit from) invented air conditioning.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Complaining About the Heat)


  1. I'm feeling your pain in Pawsylvania...

    When it finally dropped below 85 degrees - after 9pm last night - I got my walk...

    NOW, bakhk to my nap under the Husky Khool Air Khurrents...


  2. Demon says: Mommy has some ice blankets in the freezer for me. They feel like I'm buried under a nice cold snowfall. If only they didn't melt so fast!!! On the good side, they go back in the freezer and get cold again so they are reusable.