Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Angry Birds are Really Stupid Birds

Birds have to be one of the most annoying varmints on Planet Earth. Now there is a popular iphone game called Angry Birds. I don't personally play video games much since my paws are a bit clumsy. However, just from the title, Angry Birds, I can tell that this popular video game is stupid. I watched the "trailer" for the game. It seems that the birds were so busy beating up a bug that landed on their eggs, that some pigs managed to steal their eggs while they busy with the bug. I know that the term "bird brains" is used in popular culture for a reason--birds are stupid little animals. Just the fact that many of them migrate south in the winter shows how stupid they are. Why not just stay where it is warm and there is food? Flying hundreds of miles is work--and they do it every year because no bird was smart enough at the start of spring to say to the other birds, "it is nice here, why are we leaving?" This is why it does not surprise me that the pigs could get the eggs--the birds are too stupid to watch over their eggs.

This brings me to another point I saw on the Internet news today. It seems that home schooling is becoming more acceptable. I can only hope that the homes where these children are being home schooled has turned the task over the the family dog. I do have to admit that it has to be frustrating for the dogs. It takes the human puppies so long to learn to do anything. Just look how long it takes them to learn to walk and talk--a dog puppy can do that very quickly. However, we dogs love our humans and we can summon up the patience to deal with the humans puppies if necessary. When is a dog supposed to get in his naps if you have children around bothering the dog? Most of us take our nap time very seriously. This is why I think children should go to school. Parents and dogs need a rest!

Mommy brought home a book last night--I Has a Hot Dog. She has been looking for the book and finally one of the stores she went to had it. She was ready to order it on Amazon. If you want to read a classically good book, this is the book for you. It has cool photos of dogs, and it has captions saying what the dog is thinking. This book should be a best seller if you ask me---it is a great piece of literature. If William Dogspeare had published a book of this quality, I might even say he is a good writer, but I don't think he ever thought of getting out his camera and taking photos.

I'm sorry about the lack of a blog yesterday--it was my humans fault. She took one of my brothers to the theatre, and then she was sick when she got home last night. I would fire her, but I could tell she was really sick, and Angel Zoom Smokey felt it was her job to comfort Mommy. I think she is just trying to worm her way into more treats. She isn't fooling me any. I will not stoop to that level just to get some Yummy Chummies. I have to go now and kiss Mommy. Some Yummy Chummies would taste good in my tummy.

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