Sunday, September 5, 2010

Turkey: Delicious Dead Bird

Last night my humans kept telling me I was being a bad dog, but I maintain that they were being stupid humans. I suppose the most logical place to start this blog is at the beginning. I like to take naps during the day, and I usually hold no interest in the food the humans are eating for dinner. Why should I bother to wake up when I know that I will have my own food catered for me later when I am hungry? Yesterday was not a normal day. My humans had roasted turkey breast. I had no idea that they were having such a rare delicacy nor did they know I would want any since I tend to turn down food I haven't tried in the past. My motto is "why take risks with my taste buds?". As usual, Angel Zoom Smokey was right there with the humans getting her share and enjoying it. When I woke up, she came up and breathed on me, and I could smell the turkey on her breath. Yes, dead bird on her breath and none for me. What were my humans thinking? They tried feeding me Burger King. I didn't eat. They tried feeding me chicken and I refused to eat. They would have just assumed that I wasn't hungry except that I did my usual "hungry dog" behavior. I started climbing on furniture, and scratching the wooden foot of Mommy's bed. This gets the humans' attention. It took them several hours, but they finally realized that I wanted turkey. Once I got turkey and my tummy was full, I went back to the sweet, good dog that is my usual disposition. Angel Zoom Smokey could no longer taunt me with the delicious smell of turkey on her breath, and I have put in a vote for turkey when Thanksgiving rolls around. Mommy says pizza is the traditional Thanksgiving menu, but I think we should throw caution to the wind and eat turkey. It is delicious!

Demon Flash Bandit (Add Turkey to My List of Favorite Foods)

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