Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Human Puppies Here Started School

The human puppies in our town started school yesterday. I hope they are happier about school starting than I would be. I know I'm not a fan of obedience school, but judging from how long the humans have to be in school to learn obedience, we dogs are geniuses. Of course, dogs already know that, but you would think the humans would notice how fast we graduate compared to their own human puppies. I guess it is just hard for the humans to admit how many years they waste in school learning something a dog learns in a couple of months.

My humans went to see the movie, Salt yesterday. Mommy says Angelina Jolie made that movie so that, when her human puppies give her trouble, she can show them that movie. Since she was beating up everyone in the movie, it would be an easy way to make those human puppies realize that they had better do what Mommy says and not mess around disobeying her. I wonder....with the influence of that movie, would her puppies be able to graduate from school earlier than other human puppies? Of course, we are dealing with humans here so they probably wouldn't graduate any faster. Sadly, they just don't have the brain power of a dog. By the way, a sequel to salt is being made as I write this, it will be called Pepper.

As usual, it is a busy day for this dog. I have napping to do, and I plan to do some serious dreaming while I'm napping. Until tomorrow....

Demon Flash Bandit (Writing About Human Puppies)

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