Thursday, September 2, 2010

This Dog Does Not Want to Mess With Husky Union Local 36

I hope all my readers are having a good day. This is a good day for me because I have discovered the next singing sensation, Peter and the Opossums. As soon as I heard them sing, I became their manager, and I know that they are going to be every bit as good as my favorite group, Alvin and the Chipmunks. They aren't quite as cute as the chipmunks, but after hearing them sing, I know that people will overlook that handicap, and love them anyway. Peter, like Alvin, is going to have a little Pee on his shirt. No, it is not what you are thinking. Okay, maybe it is what you are thinking. The Opossums aren't quite housebroken yet, but we are working on that issue now. I know some of you may be asking, Demon, how do you keep up with so write several blogs, are a member of the singing group the Howling Huskies, own your own Internet toy store (, and have several books that you are planning to publish? How can you take on more? The answer is simple. I'm a working breed dog so it is in my blood, and all the aforementioned things are easier than pulling the humans around on a sled. If you ask me, the humans should be pulling us dogs around. However, since it is part of our doggy union contract to work since I'm a "working breed", I would be messing with Husky Union Local 36 if I didn't have some things going on, and you don't want to mess with Husky Union Local 36. I've heard they hire chihuahuas to come and bark at you, and if you have ever met a chihuahua, you know that their barking is annoying. The little guys never shut up either so, as I said, I don't want to mess with Husky Union Local 36.

Mommy was watching the King of Queens yesterday, and although I would guess that Doug is probably a fan of hamburgers, he does not look at all like the Burger King. I hope that he isn't trying for the job because I was upset enough to learn that His Highness, Mr. Burger King might sell his restaurants, I really don't think Doug has the proper image for being His Highness, Mr. Burger King. I like his show, and have nothing against him, but he just doesn't impress me as being into royal food. My image was not changed after watching the show. I think he would even eat McDonalds burgers---yes the dreaded and horrible McD burger. I don't really mind if he chooses to eat them, but it is not the kind of behavior one would expect from the highly exalted royal position as owner of Burger King.

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  1. My khard is with the Husky Union Lokhal 826 -

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