Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Light Bulbs--Not a Good Idea

The last GE plant in Winchester, Virginia that produces incandescent light bulbs has now permanently closed. Thomas Edison's great invention is being replaced by a bunch of overpriced stupid looking light bulbs. They are supposed to be more energy efficient, but this dog has his doubts about that. I think the companies that make them are just pushing them because they cost more. Besides, the worst part of this new change is that everyone knows that when you get a good idea, a light bulb appears over your head. I'm sorry if having a weird squiggly looking thing appearing over your head just does not have the same kind of connotations. Maybe it will in years to come, but right now, if I looked at someone and saw a new style light bulb, I would have to assume that it is a stupid idea. How will we continue coming up with technological advances when the humans are all having stupid ideas instead of good ones?

As anyone who has watched a horror movie knows, light is very important. Most monstrous creatures choose to come out at night when it is dark. I hope this switch to new light bulbs does not cause some major problems in letting more monsters cause mayhem in our streets at night. I have watched enough old monster movies to know just how serious this can be. Those movies take place before light bulbs were invented, and Dracula, for example, was always out drinking blood at night. In fact, there was a commercial back then that advertised Blood: Vampire's kool-aid. The kool-aid man used to step out looking like a bag of blood and he would say, "oh yeah, type AB negative". Eventually a lot of humans had to join BDA (Blood Drinker's Anonymous) to kick the habit. Vampires do not join since they actually have to drink blood.

There was also a cool commercial that used to play during the same time period. For those of you who wonder where the villagers got the pitchforks so fast, the commercial was for Pitchforks R Us. They had a cool commercial with Paul the Pitchfork as their spokestool. There was even a song, "I don't to use my hands, I'm a Pitchforks are Us Kid. There are lots of Pitchforks at Pitchforks R Us that I can poke a vampire with". Needless to say, it was not a popular store with the vampire community. In honor of the movie, Twilight, the humans have formed a new team---Team Pitchfork. The vampires aren't too happy about that either.

I have some shopping to do so I had better mush off the computer. I think I'll go and buy myself a new pitchfork. One can never have too many of them when Halloween is approaching.

Demon Flash Bandit (Not a Fan of Stupid Looking New Light Bulbs)

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