Friday, September 3, 2010

Doggy Inspired Flavored Water

Today's blog is about water, specifically bottled water which has become so popular with the humans in recent years. There was a time when most humans literally drank water right from the tap, but now most of the humans buy the water that they drink from companies that bottle the water. This would be an insane concept since most of those companies are probably getting the water from their tap except for the fact that, if you have tasted the water from the tap around here, you would pay extra for bottled water too. Sure, theoretically, the water from the tap at this house is free since it comes from a well, but it is also "hard" water that has iron in it, and unless you are hoping to become Iron Man from the inside, you will choose not to drink it. Angel and I get bottled water in our watering dish. Mommy suspects the main reason we never drink out of the big porcelain watering bowl is because it has the well water in it. Sure, some humans are lucky. When Mommy was growing up in Georgia, the humans had a well there that had "soft" water from an underground spring which was better than much of the bottled water, but I suspect you just have to get lucky to live in an area that has the tasty water. This brings me to today's topic. Stores sell products you can add to water like Kool Aid and Crystal Light to flavor the water. They also sell water with vitamins--YUCK at the thought!!!! Mommy bought some doggy bottled water with nutrition packed inside, and both Angel and I refused to drink it. We could smell the nutrition and wanted no part of it. Anyway, if these companies want to make money on doggy water, why not sell flavored water that dogs will like? Kool Aid would not have survived if it had marketed liver flavor water! Most humans don't even want to eat liver. It is disgusting. I think a company should market dog water with flavors like Burger King Burger flavor water, chicken water, Yummy Chummy water, dingo bone water, and root beer water--I used to love root beer Icees when I was a puppy. Then White Castle switched flavors, and I couldn't get them anymore. I never liked the burgers much, but I loved the root beer. The fact that it was like a cold day in Alaska didn't hurt any. If you own a water company, you have my permission to use my idea, but it would be nice if you made sure that Angel and I were welcome to a free lifetime supply of the flavored water.

Demon Flash Bandit (Idea Dog)


  1. Were those Icees made with 'Barqs'? ? ?


  2. Demon Flsah Bandit: Yes, Barqs is a Coke product and that is what White Castle uses. I didn't even think about that--Coke was thinking of us dogs when they named their root beer!