Saturday, September 4, 2010

Penguin: The Perfect Pet for a Siberian Husky Dog

I have come to the conclusion that Angel Zoom Smokey and myself need a pet. I have even found the perfect pet. That pet is a penguin who we will name Panda. Angel and I decided that Panda would be a perfect name since penguins are black and white. I suppose we could name him or her Zebra, but that would be silly. It is always nice to have a new friend so a pet is a wonderful idea, but the best part about having a penguin as a pet is that penguins have to live where it is COLD. Therefore, the humans would have no excuse for not allowing the house to be cold. In the winter, we can skip the heat, and in the summer, let the air conditioner work harder. In fact, add a couple of air conditioners. We huskies like it cold too. For those dogs who don't enjoy cold, you should choose a different pet, but penguins are great pets for huskies. I know they are sort of a member of the bird family, and normally I hate birds, but I mainly hate those little annoying birds. Penguins do not come to Michigan to steal my snow. They may buy it from the birds who steal it, but they are just trying to stay cold and probably don't even realize what thieves the little birds happen to be. I wish I had thought of getting Panda before summer arrived. It has been entirely too hot this summer, and I was not pleased. Next year, the house will be nice and cool for our new pet penguin, Panda. I hope other Siberian huskies will adopt this plan--less homeless penguins--more cold houses. What more could a husky ask for?

Demon Flash Bandit (I Need a Pet Penguin)

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  1. My pal Jack in Rhode Island is khwite the penguin lover!

    His favourite stuffies are pengies!