Friday, September 17, 2010

The Office Should be Run by Dogs

Mommy just bought the fifth season of The Office on DVD. Since it happens to be the favorite show of Angel Zoom Smokey and myself (judging from how many times we have taken the Dundee award the the Dwight bobble head before Mommy put them out of our reach), I have decided to write about that particular television show in today's blog.

I want to begin by saying that both Angel Zoom Smokey and myself like the boss, Micheal Scott. I personally think that he is a dog dressed up as a human because he likes to eat, naps in his office, and generally does as he pleases and likes to have fun. If I were running a company, I would want to be pals with my employees and have fun on the job. Of course, being a dog, I would be smarter than Michael, but that is just the way it is--even the humans know that, but just don't want to think about it.

I have to admit that if I ran a company, it would make money. When the company announced that all "time wasting" sites would be blocked, I have to agree with them about that except of course for the always essential and never a waste of time blog by Demon Flash Bandit or the wonderful website, . I am a blogger on that site too so it is no way it could be a waste of time. They must have seen that Onion Movie where the newscaster said that the Internet was down for 3 hours earlier in the day throwing everyone into productivity. There were a few times I felt like biting some of the characters--like when the salespeople began to think they were all that mattered. This dog felt like going on there and telling them to use their brains. If there weren't people to make a product or distribute a product, there would be no point in selling a product. I have never understood some of the humans' obsession with being the most important human. It isn't like they can be a dog, so why worry about it? I do have to tell you that I was very pleased to see the new owner walk in with 2 beautiful Great Danes. Finally, my many suggestions about adding a dog to the program was heeded--and they even hired 2 dogs. I was a bit annoyed that I didn't see the dogs in the opening credits, but at least they are in the show. The opening credits always amuse me anyway, B J Novak is always on the opening credits next to his character even if he isn't on the show at all, and when he is, it is a small part, and yet they just now put Ed Helms in the credits. If you ask this dog, several of the writers have big egos and actually hurt the show by being in it because you can tell when they write they are very biased about their character. I could understand that if I were a writer and I decided to be in the show I was writing, but that is understandable since I am Demon Flash Bandit, DOG!!!! I do recommend this show, but Mommy says it isn't as funny as some of the past seasons. I say give Angel and myself back our dundee award and Dwight bobble head. Life is good.

Demon Flash Bandit (Fan of The Office)

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