Thursday, September 9, 2010

It is Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I was watching the first 2 seasons of It is Always Sunny in Philadelphia yesterday, and this dog thought it was a funny show. Sure, it could use a dog in it, but that is true of most television shows. If they want to improve the show, I could make a guest appearance since I think I am about as well behaved as the humans on the show. In fact, most of them seem to be so selfish and stupid that they metaphorically shoot themselves in the foot in each episode. Sure, it might be funnier if they would literally shoot themselves in the foot, but there was one episode where one of them shot the other one in the face which is close enough for this dog. They also crippled a character by running over him in their car. The fact that the show can still be funny while dealing with these tragic events is noteworthy. The show has managed to sign on Danny Devito, who happens to be a very funny guy.

Mommy has been to Philadelphia several times and she says she didn't meet anyone like those people there. She said the people she met were nice, and she enjoyed the city--things like Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Perhaps if Mommy went to the fun places like the neighborhood bars, she would meet the more interesting humans. However, Mommy doesn't spend time at bars. Bars would go out of business if it were up to Mommy's patronage to keep them open. Then where would we find our funny, drunk humans who do such stupid things? Sure the humans are capable of being stupid when they are sober, but being drunk adds so much stupidity to the mix.

Demon Flash Bandit (Reviewing It is Always Sunny in Philadelphia)


  1. Philadelphia is a nice place -

    My Doggy Nanny was born there AND my mom was hatched just outside the city limit!


  2. The answer to your question "Then where would we find our funny, drunk humans who do such stupid things?" is obvious to me. Washington, DC until we dogs take over!