Thursday, September 6, 2012

Not Attending Flea Circus

I was recently invited to a flea circus-an invitation that got an immediate, no. Why would I want to see a flea circus when I hate fleas? I have yet to meet a dog who likes them. They are annoying creatures who annoy dogs and other species, including humans. They caused the bubonic plague many centuries ago, and I know they did it out of pure spite. Have you ever talked to a flea? I have, and they are truly obnoxious. They jump around thinking they are the most talented creatures in the universe because they can bite dogs and people. This is not something that I consider a talent. They are parasites and should be treated as such. Sure, you will meet one or two that are nice (for fleas anyway), but they can't be trusted. There is always one or two who are smarter than the rest and try not to act as obnoxious in an effort to have you let down your guard so they can snack on you. When you see a flea, kill it. It does not deserve to live so get rid of it. Be sure you don't attend any flea circuses. Those fleas are already full of themselves. If they think they are stars, they will be worse. No dog wants to deal with a super snobby flea!

Demon Flash Bandit (Not a Flea Fan)

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