Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Like to Keep My Fur On!

I have received another letter from my pal, the Queen Lady (Queen Elizabeth II) asking for my advice on the latest scandal involving the publishing of photos of Kate topless. For those don't know what topless means, that means that she doesn't have any shirt on--not that she is bald. I know the word can be confusing which is why my readers can always turn to a dog to explain it to them. Personally, I don't care anything about the photos, but a lot of the humans will want to see them. My advice for the royal family in the future is "don't sunbathe topless" if you don't want photos to be published. You would think that after all these years in the public eye, that the royals would know that by now that photographers love to take photos like that of celebrities. Sure, it is a shame that they can't have privacy, but it is part of the price of being a celebrity. This is why this dog does not sunbathe topless. The photographers would love to get my photo since I am such a celebrity dog blogger. However, I have enough sense to keep my fur on. I hope the royals take my advice because it seems like it is becoming an everyday thing for photos of them naked to be published, and I am getting tired of hearing about it. I hope the Queen Lady can get her grandchildren to learn to wear their clothes. At least there aren't any naked scandals involving the royal dogs. This is because we dogs are smart enough to keep our fur on!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog With Fur)

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