Thursday, September 27, 2012

Demon Flash Bandit: Concert : "Peeanist"

Today I have decided to discuss one of my hobbies with my readers, and that hobby is music. I am a member of the band, Howling Huskies, which is a very popular band in my area. I'm sure you can imagine just how popular a group of singing Siberian Huskies would be with the humans. However, the Howling Huskies play popular music, and sometimes a dog likes to play the Classical variety because we dogs are very elegant and refined. Therefore, when I play Calssical music, I do it alone and most often on the piano. As a Peeanist, I am a bit different than the humans of that title since I like to pee on the piano because that is something the humans have not yet learned to do. Sure, they probably think they can, but how many will actually do it in front of other humans? In fact, I can pee on a wide variety of musical instruments, and I am a true genius at it. You can only imagine how good it feels when I hear the applause from the humans when I pee on the piano. I guess some of them would rather see a dog pee on the piano than to actually hear classical music. Many dogs agree with them on that. I will be giving a concert next week. Contact me for further details. Demon Flash Bandit (Concert Peeanist)

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