Monday, September 24, 2012

Drought Problem Solved!

I'm sure many of my readers are aware that there is a major drought effecting some parts of the United States. This is causing problems for farmers, and threatens to make the prices of food rise. I know the humans probably won't find a solution to this problem so it is time for me, a dog, to find the answer. That answer is to enlist the aid of dogs. Yes, every county has a shelter for homeless dogs, and those dogs could be the answer to the problem of watering the crops. I have personally been responsible for watering many trees and various plants over the years, and all have done well thanks to my kind attention. This is where the shelters come in--they get a bus and bring over all the dogs, and let them "water" the crops. The dogs will enjoy it since it is always more fun to pee on trees and plants than to just pee on the ground. While there, if there are any holes that need digging or any plowing to be done, they can discuss that with the dogs too since we dogs are excellent at digging holes. Unlike the machines that digs holes and plow, we don't require expensive gasoline to get us to do the work. Some regular food will work just fine for us--although we do prefer human food to the dog variety. Now that I have solved yet another problem for the humans, it is time for me to take a nap. Until tomorrow! Demon Flash Bandit (Solving the Drought Problem)

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