Sunday, September 23, 2012

Constitution Grants Free Speech--Not Free Meows

Everyone knows that dogs are better than cats. It isn't that I have anything against cats, but dogs are better--that is just a fact. However, it is a fact that cats just can't seem to accept. Therefore, some cats got together and posted a video on the Internet trying to claim that they are superior to dogs. Here is the link: As usual, cats are trying to deceive the humans because they know that humans are easy to fool. There are no "cat scientists". I can give simple proof to that fact. How many cats do you see running around wearing a lab coat? I have never seen a cat in a lab coat in my life. Besides, that is just part of the pre-requisite for being a scientist. There are many things that a scientist has to do in order to become a scientist, but wearing a lab coat is one of the first courses a scientist have to take at scientist school. Another obvious fact is that if there were a cat scientist, there would have to be at least one who is a "mad scientist" since cats don't tend to have the average dog's friendly personality. I'll admit that there are some naturally bald cats that do have some resemblance to Lex Luthor, but that does not mean that they are criminal masterminds with the brains to become a scientist. Sure, one of them might have been willing to help Dr. Evil in the Austin Power movie series, but he was hardly a mastermind. He just mainly had Dr. Evil carry him around. I, along with a group of dogs, are trying to have this video removed from the Internet, but the cats are claiming free speech. However, I don't the the United States constitution says anything about free meows so I think we dogs are going to win. Demon Flash Bandit (Dogs are Superior to Cats)

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