Sunday, September 30, 2012

Giant Gummy Bear-Perfect Gift for a Dog

As a service to my readers, I spend a considerable amount of time checking the Internet for products that this dog finds interesting, and today I am going to share one with my readers. How many times have you, like myself, ate a gummy bear and thought, that gummy bear could be bigger because I could eat lots and lots ot them. Finally, I have found a gummy bear that might be big enough for a dog to have a decent size snack. This gummy bear weighs 26 pounds, and for a mere $149.99 is a real bargain. I'm sure the humans would want a dog to have one as a treat. I plan to show it to my humans as soon as I get off the computer. Considering it has 32,000 calories, a dog probably does not need to eat anything else all day other than the gummy bear. It is available in 4 delicious flavors, and I'm sure any dog would be thrilled to have one as a gift. I am hoping to find one under the Christmas tree in December. What a great gift for a dog!!! Here is the link so you can order one for the special dog on your gift list: Demon Flash Bandit (Wants Giant Gummy Bear)

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