Saturday, September 7, 2013

What Do Egg Laying Chickens Do When They Retire?

What happens to a egg laying chicken when it retires?  Does it live out the rest of its life collecting Social Security?  Does it move to Miami, Florida with all the other "snow birds"?  If the chicken is among the 1200 retired egg laying chickens who had help from the Sacramento Bee ( a non profit sanctuary for farm animals), those chickens will be well cared for.  They are part of "Operation Chicken Airlift" which is a chartered airplane to carry the chickens to the east coast.  An anonymous donor donated $50,000 for the flight to save their lives.  Angel Zoom Smokey is still upset over this news item.  She thinks chickens are meant for a dog to eat.  Judging from how many of them she has eaten since she was a puppy, I would venture a guess that she has probably eaten 1200 of them since her puppyhood.  Word of warning to any stray chickens who might be running loose around here:  Stay away from Angel Zoom Smokey.
Here is the link to the chicken story:

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Retired Egg Laying Chickens)

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