Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Wedding To Make a Dog Proud!

I know that, as a dog, I often wonder why the humans are so foolish with their money, but sometimes a dog reads about a human who actually has some sense about the subject.  Today I am going to share this link with my readers:
This couple in the United Kingdom got married and the wedding cost $1.56.  I know to some dogs this might still be a little extravagant, but I've heard that some couples spend upward of $25.00 on a wedding.  Yes, 25 "big ones" just to get married.  Some spend even more than that, but as a dog, I can't even stand to think about those humans.  If you ask me, it is silly to spend money on a big wedding when the money could be used to make those all important purchases after the wedding.  No, I'm not barking about a house or a car.  I'm barking about dingo bones and squeaky toys for the family dog.  The worst thing about the average wedding is that most of us dogs aren't even invited.  I suspect that is so that we don't upstage the bride because we dogs are extremely cute, and it is hard for the humans to compete with us.  I hope this "feel good" story from the United Kingdom will make those of you out there who are planning weddings a chance to think about your decisions.  Imagine if you could beat their price and have a wedding for less than a dollar!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dogs Should be Wedding Planners for Humans)

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